NLP For All

In my fantasy world, all of my content is public and free--helping as many people as possible is what motivates me each day. 

In reality, advertising and donations alone are not enough to pay the bills--this topic is too specialized.

So my choices are

  1. Stop making content.
  2. Charge for content. 


I believe that my content is well-worth the price I am asking.

  • If you disagree, this opportunity is not for you, sorry.
  • But if you agree that the price is fair, and simply can't afford it, then let's make this work!


Discount Request

Check your email for your discount code!

Who is this for?

  • Anyone with low income deserving of financial aid.
  • Students are the most common candidate--but anyone can apply.
  • If you are not a student, please provide some information about your need in the "Comments" field.


  • You will receive a discount code in your email immediately after you submit. 
  • However, we do review these submissions, and will refund and revoke your membership if it's obvious that you've misrepresented your need. 
  • You will have specifically a "Student Membership", and we may make some distinction between this and a regular membership at some future point (currently there is no distinction).